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Here is a picture of the documents and reproduction banknotes I prepared for a customer in Europe. They requested a Letter of Marquee from the British government and some assorted Victorian/Edwardian banknotes for bribing ,,,,a..traveling expenses. My prices are quite reasonable. A pleasant day to you all.

 Sincerely and With Great Respect,

  Professor Otto the Confused
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 I thought I would clean out my Steampunk closet to make way for some new stuff. I have for sale a reproduction British Victorian Army Helmet and a pair of slightly used reproduction American Cavalry gloves,
The helmet was purchased from International Military Antiques and the gloves from Fall Creek Civil War Sutlery. 
     The gloves are slightly used but in good shape made of goat leather and are X-large. The Helmet is one size fits most and has been worn only a couple of times and is still in great condition. I am asking $25.00 for the helmet and $5.00 for the gloves. A screaming deal for the would be Steampunk Adventurer. At your service.

  With Great Respect,

 Professor Otto the Confused

Oh! I forgot to mention I will pay for the shipping :)

Reproduction Documents

  Do you need some extra cash for international travel? Perhaps, some extra bank notes to impress the family or that  certain lover in your life? Maybe you just need to get away on a trip and need some paperwork to establish that new identity. Well fear not, for I Professor Otto have that extra something for your imagination and that adventure. Fine reproduction bank notes from around the world as well as licenses for Airship piloting. Add that certain extra detail to your Neo-Victorian or Steampunk Costume to impress them all.
   I offer a fine selection of reproduction documents contact me via this site or at

 Sincerely and with Great Respect,

Professor Otto the Confused

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Bored and Snowed in

 Greetings to all,
    Here are some art projects I created while being bored and snowed in here in Baltimore, MD. They were lots of fun to do and after finishing them, my girlfriend wanted me to do some for her. So on to the next projects. It's amazing what you can do with a little Photo-Shop Program and an active imagination. Take care.
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Need Documents??

 Good Morning Everyone,

   New changes have been made. I have decided to pull my stuff from to reduce overhead, if you would like to purchase anything or if you have some one-off designs in mind, drop me a line via or
    I am currently producing Airship Pilot Licenses, Steam Engineer Certificates, Royal Sky Marshall Certificates, and several other pieces to help bring that little extra to your Steampunk or Victorian Costume. Everything is printed by me and I use quality paper stock.  . Enjoy your day.


Professor Otto the Confused

Airship Pilot Licenses for sale

 Good Morning everybody. 

   Just a quick announcement to let you all know that I will be offering the documents below for sale on my etsy site.  The site should be up and running in a day or two. I will also have some other document props available as well. I shall let you know the moment the site is up and running. So, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at or drop me a line via this posting.

 I must fly....